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Al Jawhara Account


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have all your dreams come true?

With an NBK Al-Jawhara account, you now have the chance to turn your dreams into reality with three new cash prizes!  All you have to do is open an account today to automatically take part in our KD 5,000 weekly draw, KD 125,000 monthly draw, and KD 250,000 quarterly grand prize draw.

Just remember, every KD 50 you deposit into your Al-Jawhara account gives you a chance to be one of our next lucky winners. The more money in your account, the better chances you have of winning big with Al-Jawhara!

Criteria to Open Account
- Minimum opening balance KD 400 for both Kuwaitis and expatriates (new and existing customers)
- Available in KD only
- Maximum amount you can have in the account is KD 500,000

Draw Mechanics and Cash Prizes
- Weekly draw (KD 5,000), monthly draw (KD 125,000) and quarterly draw (KD 250,000)
- Each KD 50 equals one chance in the draw
- You get a free Debit Card when opening an Al Jawhara Account
- Eligibility for the weekly draw is the minimum balance of the week preceding the week of the draw, e.g. If the draw is being held on Tuesday, 10th January. The minimum balance between Sunday, 1st January and Saturday, 7th January will be considered
- Eligibility for the monthly draw is the minimum balance on your account in the month preceding the draw month, e.g. If the draw is in April then the lowest balance of your account in the month of March will be counted for the draw. If the account is closed when the draw takes place you will not be eligible for the draw
- Eligibility for the quarterly draw is the balance in your account for a full 2 months prior to the month of the draw. The lowest balance available in your account during those specific months  For example for March’s Quarterly draw your lowest balance during January and February  will be used to calculate the number of chances you have in the draw

- A  KD 2 charge will be applied if your account falls below KD 200 in any given month


Al Jawhara Winners

Draw TypeNamePrize KD 
WeeklyFatma Jassim Al Karawi5,000
WeeklyMustafa Mahmoud Al Khatib5,000
WeeklyFarqad Hashem Taher5,000
 November 2014 
MonthlyJameela Abdulaziz Dawood Al Marzook125,000
WeeklyEman Mousad Raslan5,000
WeeklyOsamah Hamad Alloughani5,000
WeeklyMohammad Ejaz Tufail5,000
 October 2014 
MonthlyMoayyad Ibrahim Al Awadhi125,000
WeeklyMinor Lamar Tareq Al Sarraf5,000
WeeklyJumnah Bhinderwala Ali Bahai5,000
WeeklyMinor Ghezlan Nawaf Al Saqobi5,000
 September 2014 
QuarterlyNaser Sulaiman Ahmad Al Hamad250,000
WeeklyKhaleb Mishari Al Khubaizi5,000
WeeklyFatema Bader Al Bisher5,000
WeeklyNaser Rashed Al Qahtani5,000
WeeklyFaysal Mohammed Al Jarqy5,000
 August 2014 
MonthlyEman Mohammed Abdulfattah125,000
WeeklyAbbas Ali Akbar5,000
WeeklySheikh Faisal Sabah Al Sabah5,000
Weekly Saleh Saud Al Azmi5,000
 July 2014 
MonthlyFatma Mohd Abas Allenqawi125,000
WeeklyFawzyah Dawi Al Zameal5,000
WeeklyNoura Mishari Al Mailam5,000
WeeklyZainab Mohammed Albdulsamad AlSaffar5,000
WeeklyNajat Othman A Aziz Saleh AlJasem5,000
 June 2014 
QuarterlyEntesar Ali Bunajema250,000
WeeklyBader Rashed Al Nuwaiem5,000
WeeklyAnas Mohamed H Al Dani5,000
WeeklyAbdulla Ali Abdulla Alenizi5,000
 May 2014 
MonthlyGhazi Obaid Al Sammar125,000
WeeklyBadriya Gadowri Zedan Allami5,000
WeeklyZainab Kazem Ateyah AlFadhli5,000
WeeklyFatema Sulaiman Naser Al Orayfan 5,000
 April 2014 
MonthlyMohammad Javad Negahdar Jafari125,000
WeeklyAdel Mahdi Ferhanyan5,000
WeeklyBader Fahed Abdulmohsen AlTuriji5,000
WeeklyAmmar Ibrahem Askar Saoud5,000
WeeklyAbdelnabi Khalifa Ali Almajadi5,000
 March 2014 
QuarterlyMutlaq Hadi Oubayd Altamimi250,000
WeeklyGeorgette Jan Gandry5,000
WeeklyRania Naser Hasan Hayat5,000
WeeklyBadreyah Abass Ataulla5,000
 February 2014 
Monthly Ibrahim Mansour Mohamed AlMansour125,000
WeeklyWael Bader Al Majed5,000
WeeklyJasem Mohamed Abdulla Aljaafar5,000
WeeklyAhmad Yousef Mohd Al Nasrallah5,000
 January 2014  
MonthlyMohammed Ali Hamad Alenezi125,000
WeeklyWasmeya Nasser Al Hajri5,000
WeeklyAnoud Ali Husain5,000
WeeklyFawzeyah Mohammad Sulaiman Saleh 5,000
 December 2013 
QuarterlyMin/Ali Mohamed Jasem Ghaleb Mosa250,000
WeeklyMusaed Mohamad Sultan Nayef5,000
WeeklyAbdulrazzaq Ghanem Saqer Al Qudhaiby5,000
WeeklyHeirs of the Late Abdulrasoul Abul Sadeq5,000
WeeklyTareq Mohammed Arabi Salama5,000
 November 2013 
MonthlyZuheir Fayez Khalek125,000
WeeklyEman Daniel Zaki Wahba5,000
WeeklyEsmail Ali Ghadhanfar5,000
WeeklyBader Jasem Jaseb Alqallaf5,000
 October 2013 
MonthlyOuhoud Rasheed Abdulmajeed Alkazemi125,000
WeeklyEissa Asbredoun Eid5,000
WeeklyMin/Houd Abdulmohsen Mohammed Alali5,000
 WeeklyMariam Saleh Mohamed Saleh5,000
 September 2013 
QuarterlyAhmed Nabil Sadeq Hasan250,000
WeeklyMohammad Iyad Mohammad Hasoneh5,000
WeeklyJoel Roland Amaral5,000
WeeklyKhalifah Ashour Suliman Alrasheedi5,000
 August 2013 
MonthlyNemreen Nashat Najeeb Abo Shama125,000
WeeklyAbdulla Rashed AlHajri5,000
WeeklyJamal Ismaeel Mohameed Ibraheem5,000
 July 2013 
WeeklySalwa Ali Mohamad5,000
MonthlyAbdulkareem Ahmad Eissa Alsharhan125,000
WeeklyAbdou Saad Abdel Kader El Sayed5,000
WeeklyShaikha Mubarak AlMutairi5,000
WeeklyKhaled Majed Sultan Buresly5,000
WeeklyMin/Zainab Khaled Bader Farhan5,000
 June 2013 
QuarterlyTareq Ahmad Ali Al Duaij250,000
WeeklyMahmoud Hassan Mohammed Abdullah5,000
WeeklyLaila Rafiq Mustafa Qadan5,000
WeeklyMin/Fatima Ibrahem Abdulkareem Alibrahem5,000
 May 2013 
MonthlyMin/Zaid Wael Naeem125,000
WeeklyMagda Lamie Fekry Mosad5,000
WeeklySaleh Ayesh Ayed AlReshedi5,000
WeeklyAli Yahya Abdullatef Rameh Alfadhli5,000
 April 2013 
MonthlyKhatoun Ali Saleh Alhaddad125,000
WeeklyFeras Mahmoud Abed Odeh5,000
WeeklyOhoud Hamad Mohammed Ali Alebrahim5,000
WeeklyEsam Hasan Jabor Alsadeq5,000
WeeklyMohammed Habib Ahmed Abdulftah5,000
 March 2013 
WeeklyManal Ibrahim Ali Sheta5,000
QuarterlyNijat Parween Mohamed Aaqel Kokr250,000
WeeklyAmani Ahmad Khalaf Mandi5,000
WeeklyBader Fahed Abdulmohsen Alturaiji5,000
 February 2013 
WeeklyFatma Mohammed Hasan5,000
WeeklyNaheed Basar Mohamed Shareef Basar5,000
WeeklyAmina Rebah Manhal Mohd Alanzi5,000
MonthlyRajaa Abdulrahim Ibrahim Maaroof125,000
January 2013 
Weekly Shaikha Saoud Abdulazeez Ali5,000
WeeklyMin/ Dima Faisel Methgal Alsaeidy5,000
WeeklyAbdullah Saleh Essa Al Najem5,000
MonthlyMin/ Abdualmohsen Mohammad Abdulmohsen Aldashti125,000


Draw Mechanics

- Weekly draws (KD 5,000) will be held every Tuesday of the month except in the week where the monthly or quarterly draw is held. Weekly draws will not be held during official holidays.
- Monthly draws** (KD 125,000) will be held on the last Tuesday of every month except in the months where the quarterly draw is held (Draw months scheduled for 2013: January, February, April, May, July, August, October, November).
- Quarterly draws** (KD 250,000) will be held on the last Tuesday** of each quarter (Draw months scheduled 2013: March, June September, December).

Draw Regulations

NBK rewards their customers regularly through our offers and services. All rewarding, draws and promotion go through the Ministry of Commerce before we are able to provide you with the pool of services that we do.

The security and legality of all draws conducted on the NBK premises, unless specified otherwise, have to comply by the following legislated laws of the Ministry of Commerce:

  • All draws and campaigns created must comply to the legislated laws of the Ministry of Commerce
  • Draws and campaigns are only executed after approval from of the Ministry of Commerce 
  • All draws are conducted as per approved legislated laws approved by the Ministry of Commerce
  • All draws are conducted and signed off in the presence of a ministry representative 
  • NBK staff and their families are excluded from customer draws. This includes staff spouses and children.
  • The Jawhara weekly draw is conducted for 5,000KD with the exception of the last Tuesday of the month for the grand prize.*
    *Draw dates are subject to change because of public holiday in agreement through the terms and conditions with the Ministry of Commerce.













Al Jawhara, Kuwait's Best Prize!


You can borrow only a maximum amount of.

The minimum deposit is KD 50 and for 1 month. Terms & conditions apply.




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